Summer of Sorrow: Lokomotiv

After the death of Wade Belak, the tragedies didn’t stop there for the hockey community. On September 7th, 2011, a plane carrying the KHL Lokomotiv team went down in Russia. Forty-three people were killed. The only two to survive the initial crash were Lokomotiv player Alexander Galimov, who later died in the hospital from his extensive burn injuries, and flight engineer Alexander Sizov. This tragedy rocked the hockey community, as many of the players and coaches that died had previously played in the NHL. Many Russian players, such as Tomas Vokoun of the Washington Capitals, lost friends in the crash. It was just a sad, sad event, but we will not forget those that we lost.

The first image is a dedication to those that we lost in the initial plane crash. I thought that it was only fitting that I not only include a little Russian on this print, but also mirror the Russian Constructivism style. The second was made for Alexander Galimov while he was fighting for his life in the hospital. Finally, the third is an icon that some people placed on their avatars in support of Galimov. I thought of the red flowers that people often wear or place on avatars to remember an event or a person, so I used the national flower of Russia, the Matricaria Chamomilla, or more commonly known as the chamomile. The center of the chamomile is surrounded by twelve petals. Each petal represents two of the twenty-four KHL teams. On the center of the flower are 36 pollen specks, each representing a member of the Lokomotiv team that was lost in the crash and who were undoubtedly looking over Alexander, rooting him on. The flower is placed upon a hockey stick that says Fight Alexander, Fight! along the shaft.


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