Defunct/Relocated NHL Teams

To date, there are nineteen defunct NHL teams. They include the:

  1. Montreal Wanderers
  2. Quebec Athletic Club
  3. Hamilton Tigers
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates*
  5. Philadelphia Quakers
  6. Ottawa Senators**
  7. St. Louis Eagles
  8. Montreal Maroons
  9. Brooklyn Americans
  10. California Golden Seals
  11. Cleveland Barons
  12. Kansas City Scouts
  13. Colorado Rockies*
  14. Minnesota North Stars (now Dallas Stars)
  15. Atlanta Flames (now Calgary Flames)
  16. Quebec Nordiques (now Colorado Avalanche)
  17. Winnipeg Jets** (now Phoenix Coyotes)
  18. Hartford Whalers (now Carolina Hurricanes)
  19. Atlanta Thrashers (now Winnipeg Jets)

*not affiliated with the MLB team

**not affiliated with current team holding that name



2 responses to “Defunct/Relocated NHL Teams”

  1. Dominic Samoisette (@cinoche08) says :

    I’d like to correct an info regarding the Kansas City Scouts lineage: Founded in 1974, they moved to Colorado in 1976 where they became the Colorado Rockies. In 1982, the Rockies moved to New Jersey and changed their name for the Devils.

    Hence, Kansas City/Colorado/New Jersey are, in fact, the same franchise.

    • queencrash269 says :

      Dominic — Thank you for your input! I appreciate it! I am aware of the KCS lineage (thank you wiki). Perhaps it would be more astute of me if I were to change the title of this piece to “Defunct & Relocated NHL Teams.” Would that make more sense?

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