Festivus Fan Art

Happy Festivus everyone! If you don’t already know, today is Festivus, a festivus for the rest of us! Traditionally I would air my grievances with the world, but instead I’ll be airing the hockey art of other fans. We had a few great entries, and I hope to do this every year now. For now, enjoy the first annual Festivus Fan Art series!

Our first entry comes from Daria, who happens to be a fantastic hockey graphic designer. She took the Christmas route for her piece, which translated quite nicely into this design. You can find more of her design work at From The Blue Line.

This next design is from Janine, a Blackhawks fan. I love this design and think that it’s a great interpretation of one of Corey Crawford’s nicknames, “Crow.”

Up next we have some great heritage jersey concepts from Craig. Unfortunately, he experienced some computer problems, so the set is incomplete for right now. If you would like to see more of Craig’s design work, head over to his blog.

And finally, a fun mash-up of a holiday classic from the boys over at HawkTawkTV.


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