Ampersand Shirt Series

Every franchise is now represented by an ampersand shirt in the apparel shop. To reiterate, the ampersand shirt series has one shirt for each franchise, and each shirt represents either the last ten or most historically significant captains for that particular franchise. I especially enjoyed this project because one of my favorite subjects in high school was history, and I liked learning about the different captains for each team and going back through their history. This was particularly interesting when franchises had been relocated, as that still counts as part of the franchise.

I hope that everyone enjoys this shirt series as much as I do. Thank you to those fans and followers who helped me compile the information and gave their opinions on captains who should be included or excluded. I’d like to especially thank Ruchika, who not only helped me a great deal with the captains lists, but also suggested this great series idea. If for some reason anyone finds a spelling error or gross information mistake, please do not hesitate to tell me! When you get this close to a project, you tend to miss tiny mistakes.



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