Hockey Potato Stamp

Despite what everyone may think, we work in more than just digital media over here at Pucks & Pixels. David enjoys 3D projects, including furniture design, and Alex likes to pretend that she can paint. One of Alex’s other obsessions includes letterpress. Unfortunately, letterpress printers and movable type are expensive. Improvising is an art student’s best friend in this case. Letterpress stamps can easily be made using potatoes. Yes, potatoes. All it takes is a steady hand, a calligraphy pen, India ink, an Exacto knife* and, of course, potatoes! After some careful stenciling (make sure you stencil character forms backwards, otherwise they won’t be the right way upon stamping) and cutting, you can have your own potato type stamps! Here’s what Alex jammed out earlier tonight:

*Please, be careful when using an Exacto knife or any other sharp cutting utensils! Remember, a sharp blade is safer than a dull one!


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