1,000 Followers Achieved!

We have finally hit the 1,000 follower mark on Twitter! In an effort to promote the great game of hockey and the love that so many people have for it, Pucks & Pixels will be holding a write-in contest. Starting Friday, February 24th, fans are encouraged to send in a short story describing their favorite hockey moment (can be NHL, KHL, WHL, AHL, pee-wee, beer league, etc…). You can submit your short story until the midnight on Sunday.

Requirements will be as follows:

  • No more than 250 words.
  • You can only submit ONE story.
  • Must be following Pucks & Pixels on Twitter (if you have Twitter).
  • Cannot be “When my team won the Stanley Cup.” We want you to dig deep for this moment! What makes it so special to you personally?
  • Cannot slander another franchise, city, fanbase or person.
  • Must be appropriate, a.k.a. try to keep it PG-13.
  • Must be submitted to pucksandpixels@gmail.com within the time constraint (02/24-02/26).
  • Your first and last name, Twitter handle (if applicable) and email address must be enclosed with your story so that we can properly identify you in correlation with your story. Only your first name and last initial will be published with your story.

After we have received all of the stories and closed off the submission deadline, every story will be posted here on the blog along with the first name and last initial of whoever submitted the story. They will be numbered as well. Along the side of the blog will be a poll with the name of every fan who submitted in numerical order. You the fans will then vote on your favorite story. Everyone will be able to vote once. We know that we can’t keep people from voting for themselves, but we highly encourage that you don’t. Read through the stories, soak in the moments of others and find your favorite. Which story really moves you? Vote for it. Whichever fan has the most votes after two weeks will be our big winner. If a tie ensues, we’ll figure something out then.

Remember, the prizes will be: (1) sweatshirt or hoodie with an existing design from the P&P apparel shop, (5) P&P posters of existing designs and a Patrick Sharp bobblehead.


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