Logo Challenge

In an effort to better sharpen our logo illustration skills, we will be undertaking an extensive logo challenge here at Pucks & Pixels. The challenge will be to create an entire women’s hockey league, with a team for every current NHL city (so nobody go and get relocated any time soon) and a logo/jersey design to match. This will of course take some time, probably the rest of this season and most of the next, as designing logos is time-consuming when your drawing skills are so-so.

But anyway, we want your help fans! If you could name the women’s hockey team in your NHL city, what would you call it and why? As both designers are from Chicago, we are limited in our knowledge of other NHL cities/states. We want clever, fun names, relevant to your city and/or state/providence. What’s the city known for? What’s the state/providence animal, reptiles, insect, fossil? What’s the weather like there? Does it have any nicknames? Have fun with this! Try to be appropriate. No women bashing allowed!

We look forward to seeing what clever team names you can cook up for your city! Every suggestion is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

-Alex & David


3 responses to “Logo Challenge”

  1. Brian says :

    Hey Alex are you open to people sending in a logo for the women’s league or is this something you are doing alone, only with suggestions? Really like what you are doing, keep up the great work!

    • queencrash269 says :

      For now, it’s just a personal challenge. Maybe after we’ve completed it, we’ll have a logo design gallery for our followers or something. We know that PuckDrawn.com is currently running a pretty cool logo re-branding contest. You should check it out!

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