WNHL: Minnesota Comets

As promised, I’m partaking in a personal logo challenge where I create a women’s hockey team for each existing NHL city/state/providence and design a logo for said team. Jersey and typography-title designs may come later, as designing the logos themselves is time-consuming/challenging enough for me right now.

The way I’m going about designing these logos is random. I started with Minnesota. I decided to call the team the Comets, paying homage to astronomical teams before them (the Minnesota North Stars) and also to the existing logo for the Wild, which has a shooting star in it. My color palette consisted of cool, celestial blues, purples and grays. I pine for an NHL team that uses purple as their main color (The Kings were/are close, but no dice. That’s not purple to me.) I know the logo is simple, but I really like it. Remember, this series is a challenge for me, so getting this logo just how I wanted it was difficult. Enjoy!



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