If you can cheer, you can cheer.

This piece is dedicated to all hockey fans, no matter their gender, race, sexuality or team affiliation. It was inspired by the You Can Play project, a campaign dedicated to bringing equality to the sport of hockey. If you can play, you can play. If you can cheer, you can cheer.

If you can cheer, you can cheer.


5 responses to “If you can cheer, you can cheer.”

  1. puckrucker says :

    I teared up a little at this. What a great poster. I hope you make it available for printing. And what a great time to be a hockey fan.

  2. puckrucker says :

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  3. Emily Hall says :

    Beautifully done. Coincidentally I just published on youtube a video that I titled “You Can Cheer”. I’m a San Jose Sharks fan and my friend Gloria and I did a “You Can Play” video, but from a fans perspective.

  4. minnesotagirl71 says :

    I love this! Thank you for creating something that validates all fans!

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