Because It’s Hockey

Most of y’all know that I’m an ad art major. If you don’t, wander on up to the “About” tab and hit designers. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do an NHL “ad campaign” for a while. I loved doing NHLove, but that was more than a year ago when I was still kind of wobbly with design and typography. Now I have a better understanding of ad aesthetics and continuity.

“Because It’s Hockey” is a mock ad campaign for the NHL based on their playoffs ad campaign, “Because It’s The Cup.” They’re simple, one shot images on a clean white background with a simple tag line at the bottom and then the NHL shield in the bottom right corner with the slogan “Because It’s Hockey” next to it. I like clean ads. That’s what I went for. I know they’re simple and it’s kind of silly to say, but I’m actually really proud of this project.

You may also notice the new logo for Pucks and Pixels (hello name alteration). Consider this its official debut since I kind of leaked it on my personal site not too long ago. I hope everyone can understand why I changed it and like it. Here it is in full:

Hope everyone enjoys the mock ad campaign and the new Pucks and Pixels logo. Have a great Fourth of July!



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