Hockey City

I’ve been itching to design a new shirt series for the shop for a few weeks now. It bothers me immensely if I don’t update Pucks and Pixels at least once a week. Well, I finally came up with something fun, a series of designs that can be applied to every NHL team.

Over the next few weeks (months?) David and I, along with some very appreciated help from my friend James, will be designing a “Hockey City” shirt for each team. This means we will be taking the nickname for each city/arena/state/providence/whatever and making it into a typographical design that reflects either its location or anthropological culture. The word “hockey” will follow. For David and I, this is a good way to flex our typography muscles and learn about each team’s location in an in-depth manner. How we decide to design each logo is up to us, but we of course encourage ideas and suggestions from fans.

The designs will be posted as they are finished. This is quite the project, so it may take a while for it to be fully completed. Only once every team has had a type logo designed for it will they be put onto t-shirts. Here’s a partial sneak peak of what a logo could look like. I’m sure you can guess which team this one belongs to.




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