Lone Star Hockey

For the first hockey city design, I actually didn’t start with Chicago. Shocking, I know, since I typically kickoff every series by designing for my favorite team and hometown. Instead, I started with the Stars because I knew that I’d be able to design something with relative ease for pesky Dallas. When I think Texas, I think western. It’s pretty much the go-to theme for Texas, and I really love it.

For the main typeface, I used a font called Playbill. It’s a slab serif font that hints at western without being over the top. The smaller typeface is called SimSun, a tall, skinny serif font. Together, they’re a nice type pairing that hints at western without being aggressive about it.

I decided on Lone Star Hockey instead of Big D Hockey just because I think that Lone Star had more to offer design-wise. Like I said before, we’re taking creative liberties with this project. We can use the nickname of the city, state, providence, arena, etc… For the colors, I stuck with the Stars’s traditional dark green and gold. Overall, I think it’s a really nice logo for those pesky Stars.




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