Spirit Day

Whether you know it or not, equality and compassion are things that we value quite a bit here at Pucks and Pixels. As a student in high school, one of my dear friends was gay. He didn’t come right out and admit it, but I and several of our friends knew. We knew, but it made no difference to us. When he was ready to talk about it, we would be there to listen. When he was ready to tell me, he’d tell me, and I would be completely okay with it because he would still be my dear friend. How he lived his life was his business, not mine.

It was two years before he finally told me. Two years.

To this day, I believe that his reluctance to tell me stemmed from the small, predominantly conservative farm town that we had grown up in. Openly gay teenagers, and even adults, are still not common there. We are a town of rednecks and people that cling firmly to beliefs of generations past. No one should ever be afraid to admit who they are or who they love. People should never feel oppressed by what makes them happy.

In honor of Spirit Day, Pucks and Pixels will be decked out in purple for the remainder of the day. Additionally, for every shirt we sell today, we will donate $3 to GLAAD. Please help support the cause to spread equality and end bullying!

Thank you,


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