Shirts Being Discontinued

With well over 200 shirts in our apparel shop, we thought that it was time to take some down. Either they’re outdated, not selling, or (in our opinion) no longer visually appealing in our eyes, and will be taken down by Saturday, August 17th. In total, forty-four shirts will be discontinued, so if you want them, get them before they gone!

  1. Hockey Fan Calendar:
  2. Staal Brothers:
  3. Niedermayer:
  4. Hjammer!:
  5. LeKitty:
  6. Hockey Badonkadonks:
  7. Seabrook’s Hair:
  8. I Heart Canada:
  9. Legends Live On:
  10. The Russian:
  11. Ageless:
  12. Big Buffs:
  13. Quiet Please:
  14. The Fallen 01:
  15. The Fallen 02:
  16. The Fallen 03:
  17. The Fallen 04:
  18. The Sedin Twins:
  19. Burgers for Timmy:
  20. Mudersaurus:
  21. Cup Lines (white):
  22. Cup Lines (light):
  23. Hawks Nicknames:
  24. Rangers Nicknames:
  25. Sharp Week:
  26. Be My Hero Steeger!:
  27. Rat Pack (dark):
  28. Rat Pack (light):
  29. Flash:
  30. Phaneuf is Enough:
  31. Our Galaxy, So Small:
  32. Manon Rheaume:
  33. Joey:
  34. Mullet:
  35. Oh Pierre:
  36. Broadway Wants Five:
  37. Devil’s Fury:
  38. You Can’t Yandle This:
  39. Me Gusta Hockey (dark):
  40. Me Gusta Hockey (light):
  41. Marc Savard:
  42. Free Hockey:
  43. Elegant Hockey:
  44. SuperKane:

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